Broderick Hunter Exclusive NYFW Interview

Event: NYFW

Event Date: September 9, 2018

Location: Manhattan, NY

Tell us your name and occupation.
I’m Broderick Hunter and I’m an actor and model.

What are some recent films or shows you have had the pleasure to film in?
Right now I am just doing Television. I was recent on Insecure, Marlon Wayan, and then we have Rel on FOX coming out this year as well.

Where you into acting growing up or is this a passion as an adult?
It’s just something that new came about. I have been doing it for about two years now but I started out as a fashion model. I did modeling for seven years with folks like Ralph Lauren, Timmy Hilfiger, Vogue, and GQ. Shortly after that I started doing TV & film and that’s where I’m at right now. I’m still on the fashion scene but just making my transition.  

What something the world doesn’t know about you that might shock them?
I love to wear dirty converses.

If you could do a film with another actor or actress who would it be?
I would go with Leonardo DiCaprio, Don Cheadle, Idris Elba, and Johnny Depp.

How is your NYFW experience going?
I’ve been around this for a few years so it’s kind of the same thing. So far this time it has been pretty good, a little hectic, but fun.

What shows have you attended or plan on attending?
So far we went to Ralph Lauren’s and were going to Telfar’s tonight.

Instagram: @broderickhunter