​Keyanna Franklin Exclusive BET Awards Weekend Interview

Event: House of Yere Power Lunch BET Awards

Event Date: June 23, 2018

Location: Los Angeles, California


Tell us who you are and the name of your event.

My name is Keonda Franklin and The name of my event is Kids Con.

What inspired you to start Kids Con?

Well my mother and grandmother were both school teachers their whole lives and my mother was also an event planner, so i wanted to do something that would remind me of both of them.  I have lost both of them in life now and since I’m really into kids and fashion I felt that there wasn’t a platform for kids to be themselves because they get lost in the social media world.  This is how i came up with Kids Con!

You have a history of working with men in the fashion industry, how have you balanced the change now that you work with kids?

It’s a big difference because with the guys they always had a crush on me.  It just doesn’t work out because I’m trying to do business.  I grew up a tomboy so i have always been into men’s fashion.  I know as women, a lot have insecurities and I didn’t want to have to deal with dressing them and hearing they don’t want to wear this or that.  With the kids it’s like you can be free!  I can throw on whatever i want and there my little Barbie Dolls.  I can say this is how I want your hair, your makeup, and your clothes and it’s a full way to express myself.  How I dress the kids is exactly me.  How I dress my clients is them.

How do you balance your creativity when organizing your events?

I would say I balance it by making a schedule.  For example, Monday and Tuesday I will focus on something and then on Wednesday I will focus on something else.  I always give 100% towards whatever I’m working on that day.  I always make sure I complete what I’m working on before i go to the next. 

If you could have a billboard up anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York or Paris.

What’s one thing the world doesn’t know about you?

I have a shy side.  I can be very shy at times even though I’m a people person.


Kids Con Website:


Instagram: @keyanafranklin / @kidzcon

Photo Credit: Elijah Hicks (PhotoMunkii)