Ydamys Simo Exclusive Designer Interview

 NYFW Show: Ydamys Simo

Date: February 9, 2018

Production: Style Fashion Week



What was the inspiration behind the collection this season?

The inspiration was a Divine Call.  Those things that come to your mind and then everything coming together.  That’s the reason for the name.

How durable are your garments?

They last forever

What’s the process when picking out your fabrics?

I go to see the colors.  As I always say flowers and colors will be a definitive of all my collections because I love colors.  I also think all the kids love colors as well.  So, I go see the fabrics and once I see them I get my inspiration. 

Anyone in your family into fashion or is this a passion?

No, all this came together because of my daughter.  She is my behind inspiration of all this.  I use to make a little clothing because I like things different that I couldn’t find in stores.  I started my journey this way.

Do you prefer to design Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer garments?

All seasons!

Where do you see your brand in the next five years?

I see us designing for Adults and a few other things.  I think sky is the limit.


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Runway Photo Credit: Roy Speller, Sr.