Mr. Jay Exclusive NYFW Interview

NYFW Show: Katty Xiomara 

Date: September 11, 2017


If you had some advice to give to models, what would you say?

Eat and live well because it’s important.  If you don’t make money, your agent doesn’t either and your done.

What shows have you attended so far this season?

I really don’t like to give out any information on shows and what I like so far because sometimes you see something a little bit better.  From the shows I have attended it has been a few things I did like and I’m just waiting to see.

You are a veteran to Television/Reality life, so if you could choose any kind of show to be on what would it be?

Probably sitting at home in my apartment and we call it, “Jay Talking.”

Do you have any upcoming projects your working on?

Well I’ll know once I get back to LA because I will be meeting with the Television folks to see what’s happening.  As for Top Model I will probably come back and do the final final final.  Later this year or early next year I think Tyra is going to sit down and say, “Done! Twenty-five cycles is a lot.”

Tell the world something about you they don’t know.

I’m a good damn cook.  I can do a garlic parsley mashed potato with cinnamon and honey lemon glazed carrots and a mean fried chicken.  I can do stuff meatloaf.  I can do a nice sauté mixed vegetable.  I can cook my black ass off.  What most people don’t realize is that I have my hands in a lot more shit than they think I do.