Bianca Bonnie Exclusive NYFW Interview

NYFW Show: Mac Duggal

Date: September 9, 2017

Production: Art Hearts Fashion Week

Tell us who you are and what your occupation is?

My name is Bianca Bonnie and some people may recognize me from the international hit song Chicken Noodle Soup or from the current television show Love & Hip Hop season’s 6 and 7. 

Is this your first time attending NYFW?

Yes, this is actually my first time.

What other show’s have you attended this season?

My first show was one of the Nolcha Fashion Shows and this MacDuggal Show is my second one so far.  Everything has been amazing and I’m looking forward to a few more shows coming up.

So your an artist, do you have any upcoming projects coming out?

Yes, my. Ew album 10 Plus will be coming out October 20, 2017 signed to Para Music Group and Sony.

Tell the world something about yourself that they may not know.

It’s a lot the world wouldn’t know about me but I like poetry.  I was writing poetry before I actually was doing music.

What’s the difference now as an artist compared to years ago?

I learned the business.  I had to grow and develop and find my sound.  Now I’m just getting back into the music and nothing really has changed.  I just developed and started getting better at it.

What’s some advice you would give an aspiring artist?

Invest in yourself, stay humble and grind.  If it’s your passion just stick to it and you’ll win!

Photo Credit: Meera Fox