Videmus Omnia Exclusive NYFW Designer Interview

NYFW Presentation: NYFW SS’18 

Date: September 8, 2017



 Is this your first time showing at NYFW and how do you feel?

Yes and I’m very excited.  I didn’t want to do a runway show because I want people to really see my clothes.  My creator, who is also my friend, helped me find this gallery.  I told him that I wanted to do a dark gothic feeling and he found it. 

What was the inspiration for the collection this season?

That’s a very interesting question because I have a background in music.  I use to be in a metal rock band which lead me to have an inspiration towards dark romanticism.  Every piece of clothing I do I listen to different songs, so I don’t get visual inspiration I get sound. 

Did you study fashion or is this a passion of yours? 

Yes, I graduated from FIT last year. After that I started my own brand.  The whole collection I have prepared for a year.

When it comes to picking your fabrics, what’s the process?

So last year I went to Japan and China to get inspiration.  They have a lot of interesting fabrics there so I got some.  Then I went to the fabric store here in New York, where I can tell the people what kind of fabric I need and pick whatever I want.  I’m actually really good with mixing fabrics and I like the textures.

What demographic field do you cater to? 

To be honest, because I use to live in Europe as well, I feel that the people in places like England, Japan, China, and Paris will love it. Some probably in New York too because they like to dress very exaggerated.  It’s not really for mainstream fashion.

Do you prefer to design Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer?

It doesn’t matter because the way I design is how I like to dress.  For me, it’s really like a non-season collection.  In the summer you can wear the dresses and in the winter you can add something over the top.  For this collection it’s mainly for the Spring/Summer so I tried to use black but it’s lite. 

When it comes to working with other designers how comfortable are you?

I’m good.  Last year after I graduated I worked for Johnathan Simkhai.  They are new young designers as well and do a lot of couture and ready to wear clothing. 

As a fashion designer what are some characteristics one must posses?

I think the most important thing is the imagination because if you have that you know what to do and know your style.  You can sketch something and ask people to do the pattern for you, even though you need to have a basic skill of sowing.


 Photo Credit: Kevin Higgins