Mac Duggal Exclusive Designer Interview

NYFW Show: Mac Duggal

Date: September 9, 2017

Production: Art Hearts Fashion Week


What was your inspiration for the collection this season?

Inspired by the 1920s, so your going to see a lot of fusion of 100 years years ago into today.  A lot of beading from the era and of course a lot of French.  It’s fusion the way that it’s very soft like ice and powder blues to blushes and back then it was much louder.  You will see a lot of embroidery and lace, where either has a 3-D fusion to it. 


Do you prefer to design F/W or S/S Collection’s?

We design all year long.  We put out so many collections every year so it’s second nature, there is no preference.  What you do you just keep on going.  It makes no difference!


Did you study fashion or is it a passion of yours?

No, it’s actually a passion of mine.  I never went to school, it’s just always been built in me.  Never felt like I was ever working.  I just keep putting out what I know best.  I always believe it’s really about the woman not about the dress.  They energy of the dress should be in sync with the energy of the woman.


How durable are your garments?

Very durable.  You can save them for a lifetime and pass them down generations.  That’s why it had to by in sync with the energy.


What advice would you give an aspiring fashion designer?

I would say believe in yourself.  Be true to yourself, although sometimes it seems hard when your young.  There’s always a voice inside of you telling you what the right thing is.  A lot of times were looking for advice only to confirm what we already know.  Deep down inside if you listen to your heart and the direction it shows you ends up right.  Sometimes you see a wall in front of you but there is always a small window that opens up.  If nobody has ever traveled it, go for it.  If you really truly believe in it, go follow that thought!


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I hope Mac Duggal keeps on hoeing and keeps on putting smiles in these peoples lives.  So many people have chosen Mac Duggal to be apart of their important phases of life, could be a wedding, prom, pageant, or red carpet event.  I always believe when I look back at it Mac Duggal always puts a smile on their face.  I feel blessed that Ieena is also a designer and she her collections are really really well.  It’s a great journey, it’s all about the love.  It’s about sharing with the people and keeping it going.


If you could work with another designer who would it be? 

I’ve never thought like that.  The best partner I have is Ieena Duggal, that’s my daughter.  It’s a fantastic collaboration, we think alike and we think the same.  She is much younger so she puts a younger twist to things.  A fresh way to look at things even though we’re looking in the same direction.



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Photo Credit: Meera Fox & Fred Sly

Mac Duggal & Ashley Hickmann 

Mac Duggal & Ashley Hickmann 

Ieena Duggal, Mac Duggal, & Ashley Hickmann

Ieena Duggal, Mac Duggal, & Ashley Hickmann


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