Dan Liu Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection & Designer Name: Dan Liu

Show: 9/10/17 NYFW SS18

Location: Skylight Clarkson NYC



What’s the concept behind the collection we will see today? 

This time my collection is called, “The Lonely Beach Feeling.”  A lot of people are asking me, “Why Lonely?  The beach should be beautiful!”  They don’t understand.  I’m sure everyone has a perfect beach in their heart and mind, so for example if you went to Cancun, Mexico or Hawaii.  This one beach that you love the most, maybe nobody understands why but you understand what that beach is to you.  Same as my collection  this time.  It’s only you when you put on the clothes, you know how confident you are, how passionate your are, and how beautiful you can be.  Those are the exact feelings I’m looking for, not the particular beach but the feeling that beach gives to you.  It’s lonely because only you know how different and how unique that beach is.  Same as my collection, as you can see this time all the colors are pastel, like baby blue and white.  Every piece has a name, as usual.  The blue represents the sea, the water, the ocean.  The white represents the sand.  The pink and red represent the sunrise and sunsets of the sun.  These colors give you the perfect beach feelings of you but at the same time lonely because only you understand how different it is. 


Do you see yourself breaking the rules of color when it comes to fashion?  Maybe doing an all white collection for fall/winter and all black collection for spring/summer?

Of course I will do that!  It all depends on the design because as you can see all my collections are always mix match.  I believe that everyone is individual, everyone is beautiful in their own way.  For example, look at you.  Your beautiful with this dress but you have your own way to show the beauty.  So this is why my collection is always mix match because there are a few pieces that may not be as good as you look but definitely there will be a few pieces for you and you only to make you look perfect.  This is why if the theme has to be all white then I will do that.  When I do designs it’s not just for the design or the color but for the women.  For everyone that loves that design and with that color. 


Did you study fashion or is this a passion of yours?

I studied fashion in Japan and I have been doing this for twenty years.  I’m lucky enough to be accepted by NYFW IMG-NY to be here.


How comfortable are you working with other designers and models?

I’m comfortable because we are all in the same family, same industry.  I love them all and the designs are great.  To me there is nothing wrong with fashion, it’s just how we dress it and when we dress it that’s wrong.  Fashion itself it’s nothing wrong.  It’s just like love, how you handle it and when you handle it is what’s right or wrong.  Fashion and love are the same thing, it’s nothing wrong with them.  I love all the other designers but I am the last one.  I am the last and least experienced and I hope one day I can catch up with them and be proud of them.  



Designer Website:  http://danliudesign.com/

Designer Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/DANLIUDESIGN/

Photo Credit: Kevin Higgins, The Runway Authority