Calvin Luo Exclusive Designer Interview


Collection & Designer Name: Calvin Luo

Show: 9/12/17 NYFW SS18

Location: Whitney Museum of American Art



What’s the concept behind the collection this year? 

So basically the inspiration comes from the movies, ones like “The Virgin Suicides” and “Marie Antoinette.”  It is kind of like storytelling season where the stories are about us looking for a girl.  The girl is very edgy and cool like a skater girl.  She wants to be very feminine and beautiful like Marie Antoinette.  To start the collection you will see very sporty looks and then for the ending you will see very beautiful feminine looks.  There is also a time capsule to start the show.  The fabrics will change colors by using different temperatures of heat.  


Did you study fashion or is this a passion of yours?

Yes, I studied fashion at Parsons School of Design.


When it came to picking the fabrics this season explain the process.

I created the hearing fabric and deal with a lot of textures.  Your also going to see a lot of unique cotton and silk fabrics.   


Do you prefer to design F/W or S/S Collection’s?  

F/W collections because I love coats and heavy clothing.  I will say that you don’t get as much preparation time for F/W collections as you do for S/S collections.  


What is next for you after NYFW?  

I’m going to take a break for sure!  I’m going to go back to China and start preparing my F/W collection for Paris Fashion Week in February.   




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