Trejoa Swimwear Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection Name: Trejoa Swimwear

Upcoming Show: DC Swim Week 7/23/2016

To Shop: email

Media: The Runway Authority


Growing up, was there anyone in your family who made you feel

like designing?

My mom


What things outside of fashion, inspire your clothing?

Anything that is new for me.


What were your inspirations for the designed you created for the DCSwim Show?

The collection was all about balance. Peace and balance. The balance between colors and elements and the balance between the inner self and the outer self.


In which area of design does your line fall under? (Ex: street

fashion, ready to wear, haute couture)

Ready to wear


Rules are meant to be broken, which are your favorite fashion

rules to break?

There is no rule in fashion for me.


What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Don't be afraid to take risks