Nate Parker Exclusive Interview

The Birth Of A Nation East Coast Movie Premiere held in Norfolk, VA September 27, 2016

Media: The Runway Authority  


How does it feel to be here tonight in Norfolk, VA for The Birth of a Nation movie premiere?

Oh my goodness!  You can't do better than your hometown and the fact that I share a hometown with my hero Nat Turner is a massive blessing.  So to be here and present this film that I think can heal a city, heal people, heal a nation, and heal this world in ways is about as great of a blessing I have ever had in my life.


What do you think will surprise people about the movie?

I hope it's the honesty, it's unapologetic.  That it tells the story of a man who's a preacher that led the slave revolt without help of others but really with his faith and he did it out of sacrifice.  I hope people take out of if the importance of recognizing our resistance and contribution to the fabric of this country.


I caught a movie last night on Bounce TV that you played in and you were on a swim team.  I noticed that you often play roles of intellectual men with ambition.  Would you say that is true?

Oh yes, PRIDE!  It's really for our community.  I never want to portray a charter that I feel denigrates our community. I want to uplift our community and provide role models through movie images and films that will give young people something to shoot for and aspire too.


Your from Virginia and so is Michael Copon, do you see you two working together on something in the future?

Oh well I hope so.  I'm here and I'm working so if he's open then I'm down!