Michael Copon Exclusive Interview

The Birth Of A Nation East Coast Movie Premiere held in Norfolk, VA September 27, 2016

Media: The Runway Authority  


How does it feel to know the rebellion took place in Virginia and so is the movie premiere tonight?

I am really proud of Nate and very honored to be apart of this situation.  I moved back here 4 years ago to help build a studio and just coming back home is identical to the movement.  I'm proud of the future of movies being brought out here.  We just finished Workman Prize, which is on Amazon Prime right now, and we have a TV show called Dystopia.  We also are gearing up for a movie with Wesley Snipes that we are trying to bring here.  I plan to keep it going and hopefully in the future others will want to too.


Do you see you and Nate doing any work together in the future?

Yes, he, Columbus Short and myself have been talking about doing something together similar to this.  I am actually working on a project right now that has to deal with Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA and what that has done for our history as well.


How important do you think this movie is with all that is occurring in our world today?

I think that now is more important to be appreciative of everyone and especially the black culture and what they have done for our society.  I support all my black friends in this and yes black lives do matter.  It's about time that the people who have suppressed us, and I say us because I feel like I am apart of this movement too, pay.  Being a minority myself is tough in the industry.  I get like 1 role or there's always like 1 possible ethnic phillipino part.  There are hardly any ethic roles in any films.  I think it's just about time for all of us to stand together ad minorities and really create the balance, the ying to the yang!  I think a movie like this is very prominent right now and that's why people are trying to bring it down with negativity.