Kemuel "Rebel Man" Crossty from The Birth of a Nation Exclusive Designer Interview

Movie Released October 7, 2016

Actor's Hometown: Queens, NY 

Media: The Runway Authority  


What’s going to surprise people about the movie The Birth of a Nation?

The Most Important thing people I hope get is The message of Standing up against injustice and Believing in yourself. This Film will start conversations about how we can all be "Change Agents" like Mr. Nate Parker said and also when he said, "Healing can only come through an Honest Confrontation with Our Past"


Describe your character in the movie The Birth of a Nation?

My Character name is Rebel Man. He has a small but important part. He has Courage and faith and believes in Nat Turner. He also brings a moment on screen we can smile or laugh with.


What do you like about this character?

What I like the Most about my Character is he's a Strong man, who wants freedom and I love the fact he  follows Nat Turner.


How does this character relate to you as a person?

Me and my Character are very similar. I actually just acted as myself from my facial expressions to how he conducts himself. We both Stand up for what we believe in.


When you had a five-minute break during filming, what did you spend that time doing?

I used any time in between takes just to Pray. I just like to talk to God and tell him Thank you for all the Blessings.


What’s the last thing you did before you filmed a scene?

The funny thing is it was actually my First Speaking Role, so I kept saying one of my lines with my New York accent and Mr. Nate Parker was such a big Blessings, helping me on set along with Colman Domingo, Chris Greene and Chike, all Actors in The Film, that are amazing. I Thank Mr. Nate Parker  so much for giving me this amazing Opportunity. I'm very grateful.


What kind of roles do you prefer?

For this to be my First Role. I will continue to strive for Roles that has meaning. Films that depict Black People with Integrity and faith. Strong Brothers who the young generation can look up too, similar to Nat Turner.


As a child, did you dream of being an actor?

That's a interesting question because in my 6th grade yearbook for my future Goals I put Movie Star, not knowing that I would be in Movies 14 years later. God is Amazing n I feel this is a calling  to be an Actor that takes Roles that Represent my community properly.


At what age did you have your first role as an actor/actress?

I got my first Role as Actor at 27 Years Old in this Incredible Film The Birth of a Nation. I started as a Stand-in but i was dedicated and Mr. Nate Parker blessed me with a great opportunity to Act in this Remarkable Film. The message is so important and i can not stress how important it is for us to all Support Our History. Everyone go see The Birth of a Nation Right Now!! Thank you

I want Thank God, My Mother Mr. Nate Parker, Fox Searchlight and everyone apart of this Film and the ones who's Supporting. Also Thank you so much for this wonderful interview.