Katty Ximora Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection & Designer Name: Katty Xiomara

Show: Portugal Fashion NYFW 2/13/17

Media: The Runway Authority  



How many years have you shown in NYFW?

Four years now, this is the 7th season!


What are your inspirations for the designs you created for the this season?

In this case the inspiration came to me through a son, a gypsy son.  The bull falling in love for the moon, so it's about impossible love.  It's also about day & night and the city & forrest.


The first time you showed in NYFW were you scared?

Yes I was, it was very difficult.  Now, it's a little better because everyone is like one big family.


Growing up were any family members into fashion or is this a passion of yours?

No I didn't have any family members into fashion.  I like arts, graphic designs, and I'm a woman so I think that all results to fashion.


What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

I would say this is very difficult.  You need perseverance and need to be focused on your own style.  It's very important that you discover your own signature, that thing that only you have.  That's most important in today's competitive market.  You have to be unique.


Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I was born in Venezuela, however, I have been living in Portugal for the last 25 years.