Djunah Swimwear Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection: Djunah Swimwear

Show: DCSW, The French Embassy 7/29/17

Media: The Runway Authority  


Is this your first time showing in DCSW?

Yes, it is our first time showing in DCSW and in fact it's our first time in the US.  Last week we showed our new collection for 2018 at Miami Swim Week and we are very excited to be part of DCSW this year!


Growing up was there someone in your family into fashion or is this something that came about when you got grown?

Well to be honest, I am an island girl. I was born in Martinique (a small island in the French Carribean) so I grew up on the beach and under the sun.  It sounds cliché but the reality is that I was wearing bikinis every weekend (ans still am).  It's an island lifestyle.  After some years in Europe, I moved to Bali, Indonesia 5 years ago and thanks to all the amazing local artisans, it is now possible to let my creativity flow and make beautiful swimwear in Indonesia.


When it comes to your collection what was your motivation for this season?

Our collection for 2018 is called Golden Daze. It has a lot of Brazilian styles with intrecate details and handmade macramé pieces. Some suits are so detailed that it takes one day to produce one piece.  We found it to be unique, beautiful and classy. Next to that, it's fresh and very cute!


What's some advice you would give an aspiring fashion designer?

If you feel the creativity, then follow your dreams and start somewhere even if it means starting small and on a tiny budget. Eventually, if you work hard, your brand will form itself and reflect who you are.


When it comes to your brand, do you only design Swimwear or do you have other season collections?

We started this year with a Resort ’18 collection and a Spring Summer ’18 collection. Each one have different prints that are unique and exclusive.


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