Dela Eva Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection Name: Dela Eva

Upcoming Show: Nolcha Show NYFW 2016

Media: The Runway Authority  


Why did you choose designing as a career?

It was always my aim to become a fashion designer and with my chosen destiny in my mind, I worked very hard during all the years to achieve my goal. I want to inspire and tell a story by expressing my visions through my collections. My designs are timeless and aimed to make a DELA ÉVA woman feel elegant and beautiful, like a modern goddess. I believe it is important to do what you love. Doing what you love is fulfilling and for me being a designer able to create, inspire and express my visions through my own Brand DELA ÉVA is definitely what I enjoy most.


Do you consider the environmental effects of the colors and prints you choose for your collection?

Yes, the environmental surroundings play a big role in the creation of our collections.That is also why I love London so much because it’s where modern meets tradition. When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life“ - Samuel Johnson. - That is so true because it reflects how I feel about London. I am in love with the living pulse of the metropolis, the city that never sleeps with a rich offer of cultural diversity and hidden gems. London is like a treasure map – you will always find new and hidden treasures in every corner.


What is your greatest accomplishment as a designer?

I believe that my greatest accomplishment is a puzzle of all the little things in life that lead me to where I am now. From the early beginnings, where I have worked hard to be able to afford to travel the world, the experience and knowledge I gained during studies at University and the achievements on a daily basis together with my team at DELA ÉVA, I would consider as my greatest accomplishment so far. Seize the day and your life will be full of great moments and accomplishments.


What drives your work ethic to become a better designer?

We are evolving everyday, be better than yesterday, be thankful and enjoy the beauty of life and embrace challenges. Everyday my team and I are creating new achievements and are of course facing failures as well. We welcome and embrace the challenges and equally learn and grow form achievements and failures.


Rules are meant to be broken, which are your favorite fashion rules to break?

Learn the basics and the rules, to be then able to create you own rules. Learn from the best, start a revolution and be your own role model in order to be able to inspire the next generation.


How has your personal history influenced your views on fashion?

At the age of 18 years, I started ticking off my bucket list and travelled to more than 40 countries. My designs are reflections of my stories I found along the way, art I discovered in museums, historical buildings I have visited and inspiring people I met along the way. I create new collections from all these sources of inspiration in my so-called “daydreams”, let all of these influences stimulate my senses and combine them into a vision to create artistic fashion accessories.


So if you had the choice of all designers in the world to work with, who would that person be?

I would split that time and spend it first with the house of Hermès to learn about their craftsmanship, spend time with Anya Hindmarch to learn about her colourful mind and then travel back in time to help Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen revolutionise the fashion world.


What advice would you give to aspiring designers?

No one will hand you success. You must go out and work for it yourself. That’s why you are  here - to dominate and to conquer the world and yourself! Never ever give up and always be your unapologetic self. The book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill changed my life. I would recommend it to everyone.