Aquaccio Swimwear Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection: Aquaccio Swimwear

Show: DCSW, The French Embassy 7/29/17

Media: The Runway Authority  


Is this your first time showing at DCSW?

It is!  This is my debut collection, which is very exciting.  It's something I have always wanted to do.  I really wanted to make a piece of clothing that nobody has ever seen before.  So your going to see a lot of metallics, bright big bold colors, and different shapes and cutouts in the back.  There is so much competition but really it's something unique for every woman and also of any size.


Growing up was there someone in your family into fashion or is this a passion of yours?

My mother has always been very fashionable.  She is super tall, however, I'm not.  She has a sample size body so she wears things beautifully.  I have always been into fashion.  I grew up in Philadelphia, working that Philly street style when I went off to college.  I also spent time in New York because we are so close and I have family in a Brooklyn.  I brought all these kind of elements together, but, I'm also very proud of my Italian heritage.  You will see some of the uses of white and covers on the arms on the runway today.  It's a little bit of Italian elegance in there as well.


Where are you from? Where did you get your fabric for this collection from?

I went to New York to pick out the fabrics.  I also do a lot of Zeek dancing so there is one piece that has a Brazil flag on the top.  I am from the United States and my parents are from Italy.  I think that they have inspired me in many ways and I always wanted to do a collection because I feel once you reach a certain age in life your options become limited.  I think it's very important to have options for 25 year olds, 40 year olds,  and also my mom.  In Italy you actually become more beautiful as you get older and I really want to celebrate that.


How do you balance creativity when designing your collection?

Editing!  I have three other pieces at the end of the day I love them but I realized they are going for another collection because it was going somewhere else.  The first collection is really edgy and it's got the metallics.  I really wanted to stay true so that as a colllection as a whole if a buyer wanted to put it in a store it would be cohesive.  Also, I offer most of the swimsuits in black, white, and a few other colors.  A lot of people still just want that sexy black and there is a lot of sexy on here.  Even the one pieces that are edgy and less coverage are versatile.  I wanted a luxury line that you can buy in peace and know that nobody has ever seen it before.


What is some advice you would give to an aspiring fashion designer?

The way I got into this was by moving it wholesale, being in merchandising and doing retail.  After three days somebody liked the collection that I pulled and I was asked to create this collection. My philosophy is really that we all can be entrepreneurs.  In Italian we say if you throw spaghetti on the wall something will eventually stick.  So take all of your passion and keep throwing them at the wall and something will stick.  Be yourself.  I have talked to a lot of people and got a lot of advice, however, you have to do that editing and make sure it's still your own.  You want to have a cohesive collection, that's one of the most important things as a first time designer. Practice drawing your pieces, have a mood board. Nothing scares me but if you want something you will figure it out. 


Do do you see yourself ever designing a Fall/Winter collection? 

Yes, absolutely.  I have already started doing my drawings for Fall/Winter 18.  I would love to expand the line. 



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