Aprelleduany Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection Name: Aprelleduany

Upcoming Show: Nolcha Show NYFW 2016

Media: The Runway Authority  


Define fashion.

Fashion, from my perspective, is the art of knowing how to accentuate your positives and ignoring the rest.  Fashion is a skill, an ability that comes from confidence.


Growing up, was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?

Definitely, my mother and grandmother were sophisticated and stylish ladies.  I can remember my mom having fabric all over the house and sewing us dresses for special occasions.  Many times my mother would design and sew her own outfits because she was not able to find what she wanted in the market.  We learned from a young age to take pride in our appearance.


How different is conception preparation in relation to F/W vs S/S collection?

From Spring to Fall, we view collection development as an opportunity to present experiences to our clients through our journey.  Though our color story and treatments may differ from collection to collection, we take great pride in developing collections that will support and encourage our clients along their journey.


What markets and demographic do you cater to?

Our focus is to carve out a space for APRELLEDUANY in the luxury market.  We have an international demographic, as we want to cater to the global pioneer.


What drives your work ethic to become a better designer?

I think my children are my biggest drivers of my work ethic. Having two daughters, I want to ensure that I am modeling for them what I teach them, which is “go after what you are passionate about”, that’s the ultimate success.  As a woman, with a career that I love, this is the ultimate example that I want to set for my daughters.


How do you balance creativity with commerce?

It is easy to get confused and sidetracked with the many trends that influence buying decisions and products in the market.  Luckily, I have a clear vision of who my customer is and because I’m within the luxury sector, I don’t have to focus on trends too much.


Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

I have a very bold vision for my brand. In the next 5 years, I see my brand leading the way for fellow design disruptors for the global consumer.