Anniesa Hasibuan Exclusive Designer Interview

Collection & Designer Name: Anniesa Hasibuan

Show: NYFW 2/14/17

Media: The Runway Authority  


I was here in September 2016 at your marvelous show when you made history for the first time.  What can the crowd expect different from September this year?

It's going to be a totally different concept because drama is showing you something else compared to Jakarta that we had last season.  With bolder colors and with more statements that we make through the fashion you will see more details on the work. 


Growing up was there someone in your family who inspired you to be designers or did you actually go to like fashion school when you became an adult?

It's my passion!  It doesn't really run in the family but I started out with the hobby as something I loved to do for myself but then everybody loved it so her I am now.


How do you balance creativity and business?

For me creativity is unlimited so I will always go the extra miles for creativity but business needs to have the plans.  After sometime you will find the balance between the creativity you love and the business that you run.  For me that's the energy and I'm privileged to have the balance now.


What's your biggest motivation when it comes to helping you create your designs and making sure people like them?

It's certain satisfaction that I feel for achieving something so it's more like showing the world what I love and then materialize it in fashion.  It's not always that smooth but once I achieve that particular point I feel so great.


What's some advice you would give an aspiring fashion designer?

I sincerely hope that we can continue to inspire fashion people about modest fashion.  That modest fashion can be well received, well accepted everywhere and appreciated and people know the beauty of the modest style or the beautiful story behind "hijab," for example.  Again, for me it's the beauty of it!


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