Margaret Kwon Exclusive Designer Interview

Show: 9/12/17 NYFW SS18

Production: Supima Design Competition

Location: Whitney Museum of American Art


What’s your name and the name of your collection?

My name is Margaret Kwon and I am from Parsons School of Design.  Right now my collection is just called the Supima Design.


When did you graduate from Parsons School of Design?

I just graduated this past May.


What made you decide to major in fashion?

I have always loved evening wear and bridal fashion and that’s what really got me into it.  I think this competition was a great way for me to keep learning after I graduated from school.


What was your inspiration for this collection?

This collection branches off from my thesis collection from my graduate year.  It’s an abstraction of the “Theory of Aura” by Walter Benjamin.  It’s all about how to really understand the physical authenticity, so the colors are really bright.  I was sponsored by Swarovski so there are lots of embellishments.  It’s just a really fun, playful, and optimistic collection . 


Do you prefer to design F/W or S/S Collection’s?

That’s something that at Parsons I’m really fortunate that they made us challenge.  I think we are all moving towards something more season-less because I know I wear something really bright in the winter and maybe something dark in the summer.  Luckily if this season-less idea continues I can design anything for anytime.


How do you balance your creativity when designing a collection?

I’m driven by color and material and then silhouette is what comes as a result of that.  I really like to think of it as really classic but still some playfulness to it. 


Growing up was there someone in your family into fashion?

I have family members who are really creative.  My mom is really creative so I think it comes a little naturally.  I am the only fashion kid though in my family. 


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years I hope that I am learning more from my current experience in the fashion industry and hopefully in the next ten years I can start my own company.  I think in five years I will be really starting to plan what it’s like to be a young designer with all the changes going on.  Also because I like to stay within the luxury evening wear price point it’s hard trying to tackle staying relevant in such a difficult category.


What’s some advice you would give an aspiring fashion designer?

My advice would be to always start with primary research.  It’s something really amazing that because of my primary research nobody had the same concept as me and nobody has the same images.  That’s how you can really standout, by not going to Pinterest and finding a pretty picture.  Also, I think asking for help before it is desperate is okay.  I learned that the hard way but there’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.



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Photo Credit: Meera Fox