Francesca Curran Exclusive Interview

NYFW Show: Indonesian Diversity

Date: September 7, 2017 NYFW SS18

Production: NYFW First Stage  


Please tell us who you are and what star Netflix show you are currently a character on.

My name is Francesca Curran and I am on the  Netflix original series “Orange Is The New Black.”


What’s your character name?  Give us a few details about her.

I play Helen, a white suprimicist Neo-Nazi.  It’s kind of crazy in the world today.  I play a controversial character right now, which I feel is really necessary that we have some sort of character like this.  That’s kind of educational in the world.  I have a sense of humor so I am able to make it work but it’s definitely controversial.


Is this your first time attending New York Fashion Week?

Yes, this is my first NYFW experience.  I also attended a show last night for Greta Constantine.  So far it’s been amazing so I’m excited! 


What do you have coming up in the future?

Right now we are in the middle of filming the season but after that I hope to work on some other televison shows and films.  



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